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Challenge and respect are the basis of fencing. For the first time, ath the 18th Junior World Cup in Udine (January 4 – 7, 2024), these elements will also be expressed in terms of environmental and social sustainability. Athletes of federations from all over the world, who practice an ancient discipline with passion and respect, will have the opportunity to strongly commit to the future of the planet with the same determination.

The Local Organizing Committee (COL) of the Junior World Cup in Udine will set an example. The carbon footprint of the event will be measured and greenhouse gas emissions will be offset to achieve climate neutrality according to PAS 2060 guidelines. Greenhouse gas emissions will be calculated in cooperation with Spinlife, a Padua University spin off, and CSQA Certifications.

During competitions, COL and its partners will act in a sustainbale way:

  • Differentiated waste and circular economy: A&T 2000 and NET, the local waste management companies, will take care of a proper management of waste. They will set up and monitor two main collection points for differentiated paper, glass and compost. This is a fondumental action to make recycling and circular economy possibile;
  • Plastic free: CAFC SPA – Acque del Friuli, the regional water management company, will give athletes, companions and referees, as a gadget, aluminium water bottles which can be filled at the water dispensers located in the Fair area. So, a “zero kilometer” service will be activated, since the water will be supplied frome the local network. The use of disposable plastic bottles will be reduced as much as possibile;
  • Re-use and social inclusion: LISTER, a social tailoring shop based in Trieste and employing disadvantaged people, will create the bags and cases to be given to the winners, using the PVC banners and roll ups of the 17 earlier Junior World Cups;
  • Shared mobility: ARRIVA UDINE – TPL, the local public transport company, will inaugurate a special methane bus line, providing a means of transport from the city center to the sports facility for about 2000 people, including athletes, technicians, managers, referees and companions. The service will be guaranteed with the least possibile impact;
  • Eco mobility: AUTOTORINO will provide an electric car for the transfer of the most important guests;
  • Green energy: CONSORZIO DI BONIFICA PIANURA FRIULANA, a local canals managing company, will provide green energy for charging equipment and electronic devices thanks to a hydroelectric power station.

Furthermore, the COL is committed to:

  • eliminating the use of paper as much as possible (paper free). When necessary, FSC certified paper, i.e. from sustainably managed forests, will be used;
  • despite the winter season, reducing energy consumption with simple actions to avoid waste (energy saving);
  • recommending local and healthy food (genuine food);
  • giving positive messages to young athletes and their companions through a decalogue with very simple tips to act in a sustainable way, also raising awareness on important issues like health, social inclusion, gender equality and human rights (positive communication).

Furthermore, the Local Organizing Committee has arranged a set of guidelines for a sustainable competition, to help athletes and companions take action in the name of respect for the environment.

Click below to download our decalogue.